Here’s a Stop Smoking Tip

Sure, you’ve heard it all before, and, of course, the title of this article is a bit pious, but, really…STOP!  That’s your stop smoking tip…I mean, look: do you want some information that’s really gonna help you quit smoking, or do you want to have your fear played-in to to SELL you some crap?  You’re reading this because you’re sick of smoking and feel helpless about stopping.

Well, if you’re gonna really get to the point where you can stop smoking, I can tell you right now, it isn’t going to happen because of some patches, gum, water vapor cigarette, pills, potions, or other gadgets.  Here’s why: they’re all junk focused on propping-up everything you’ve heard about how hard it is to break the smoking addiction.  If you want to achieve any goal in life, you’ll have to develop a good reason why you want it if you ever to hope to accomplish it.

That’s the trick, that’s your secret right there.  Your intention, which is derived from your beliefs, dictates your results.  If you want to stop smoking, you have to engage your mind.

Set your intentions on why you want to quit…or why you HAVE TO quit.  When you come up with a big enough reason, the work is done because its just a matter of time.  5 years ago I made the determination to stop smoking cigarettes and as of that day, I was done.

You know what took all the time to actually quit?  All the time leading up to making the decision to quit, equipped with the WHY I had (or wanted) to.  There were no physical symptoms or withdrawals, no cravings, no worrying…I just DID IT, and you can, too.

The determining factor is the reasoning behind your desire to quit.  You feel what its doing to you…its common knowledge now.  We both know that as bad as cigarettes are for you…as deadly as they, in point of fact, are, you still suck them down like there’s no tomorrow because you CAN’T STOP – that’s how sick it is, yet it’s just not been a big enough reason for you to finally stop.

The only stop smoking tip you need is this: you control when you stop by creating a big enough reason why you want to (or have to) stop, and that will give you absolutely all the momentum you need to do it!  The same ideal applies when it comes to losing weight or making more money…nothing will ever happen without conscious, proactive decisions being made.  You can quit smoking today, and you will….IF you choose to.