Provide Adequate Air Circulation

Adequate air ventilation is essential for good orchid health. In nature, most orchids are found in the tops of trees where there is constant air circulation. Indoor orchids are exposed to pollution from various sources such as cooking vapors, cigarette smoke, room deodorizers, and aerosol sprays which are all harmful to your orchids. Even something as seemingly harmless as a box of apples produces a substance called ethylene which is known to cause orchids’ sepals to wilt.

Without adequate ventilation, water trapped between leaves will not evaporate. The stagnant water provides a moist environment for various pathogens to thrive. Mold and fungi love this stagnant moisture.

A lack of ventilation also means that there isn’t a continuous supply of “fresh” carbon dioxide for the orchids to absorb, which they need just as much as water or sunlight for growth.

Air ventilation also cools orchid leaves heated by too much sunlight or high intensity indoor lights, thus increasing the orchid’s capacity to withstand excess heat and light.

Indeed, the importance of good ventilation for your orchids cannot be stressed enough. To ensure adequate ventilation, your orchids should be placed on a tray beside an open window if the weather allows for it. During winter, orchids should be gently ventilated with an oscillating or ceiling fan and the windows kept closed, as cold wind can cause the buds to fall.

Good ventilation prevents a variety of orchid problems and is easily obtained through the variety of ceiling and floor fans that are available today.