Top 5 Smart Tricks of PUBG Mobile to Win ‘Chicken Dinner’ Every time

PUBG game developer Tencent Games recently announced one of its biggest tournaments for the country. The PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 is the second big tournament after the ‘Campus Championship’ which was hosted last year. Having a prize pool of Rs 1 Crore the tournament should see players battling it out to earn that delicious chicken dinner along with some cool cash prizes.

For those who are new to the game, the first thing you should know is that PUBG is all about surviving till the bitter end, in a 100-person free-for-all or as a team, by any means necessary. If you are playing PUBG Mobile on your iPhone or iPad and haven’t been able to win Chicken Dinners, then we might be able to help. Here are some great PUBG Mobile tips and tricks that can help you in winning those highly sort after chicken dinners and getting better at the game.

Landing Spots

Although you might be tempted to drop at places such as Pochinki, Military Base or School because of the high volume of loot these places have, they are also filled with enemies. If you land at these popular locations, you reduce your chances of surviving to even make it to the end game. The game is about survival not about killing. Hide as much as you could, while hiding if you want to look 360 degree then use the eye option at mobile screen instead of moving your body which would create sound and enemy could trace you.

Close doors after you enter a house

Houses in PUBG act as a temporary exit from the chaos outside as well as sport a lot of supplies. So, it implies that every player would try to get into a house for supplies or gain shelter (unless the player doesn’t want to); and you wouldn’t want a pro-player barge into your house without you noticing and kill you while you were busy collecting loot.

Shed that extra weight

Keep only necessary inventory when comes to arms, ammo and other equipment’s i.e. rifle attachments, bombs etc. Give safety the priority; pick level-3 bulletproof jacket and helmet even it makes you heavy and take power ups including first aid kits, painkillers, energy drinks and bandages.

Stay with the team

Staying in proximity of your team members will not only help you defend each other in situations when someone attacks you, but also allow your squad members to revive you back to life. Communication is another key thing that many PUBG Mobile players ignore.

Carry different types of Guns

For example, players carrying an AKM and a DP-28. This isn’t a great idea not just because both weapons take the same 7.62mm bullets. Instead of carrying two Assault Rifles that take same types of bullets, it is a better idea to carry two guns that take different bullets, for instance, the M416 and AKM.

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is the hottest multiplayer mobile game in the world right now. Like the Hunger Games, players have to scavenge, collect as many weapons as possible and emerge as the sole survivor. Most of the games last up to 30 minutes, and the survivor gets a reward: “Winner, winner, chicken dinner”.

Odd as it may sound, chicken dinner is the most sought-after reward in the PUBG game. In fact, it became so popular that KFC even offered free chicken dinners to PUBG fans. Winning this reward means you get more points that you can further utilise to improve your armour, avatar and other elements you may want to.

The catch, however, is that being the sole survivor and getting the elusive chicken dinner is not easy – especially if you’re still at the beginner’s stage. So, if you have just begun playing PUBG, here’s what you need to do to satisfy your appetite.

The first few moments of the game are more crucial than you think. As the game begins with you jumping off a plane, strategies your landing location. Since you already have a bird-eye view, identify the area you want to kick-start your campaign from. Keep an eye on where rival players are landing too. This will give you an idea where you should land and start some distance from the others.

Guerilla warfare

Learn when to come out in the open to move your position and when not to. Choose a hideout where you are invisible to other players and from where you can monitor them as well. If you’re a beginner, odds are that you’re not savvy with the on-screen controls on your phone. Therefore, spend time on getting accustomed to the controls. Engage in battle only when you’re confident of the kill. Don’t miss a target, because that will only end up giving away your location. A great way to learn this tactic is to try playing the classic Unreal Tournament game with your friends before you start this.

Smarter loot

Loot is a key element of the PUBG, if you want to stay equipped for battle. But you must be a little smart about it. Collect as many weapons and other things as you can, but don’t spend time too doing it. A common advice would be to avoid relieving an enemy player you have killed of his weapons. Spread out your time spent looting.

Going solo at the beginner’s stage is not really a great idea if you’re chasing a chicken dinner. Group matches ensure you have someone at your back to rescue you from a critical situation. Practice group matches to understand the map, strategy and learn from other players before going solo.

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